Raised veg bed

Raised veg bed

by Andrew

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Small raised veg bed

Small raised veg bed

A few weeks ago we decided to convert part of the flower bed into an area suitable for veg growing. I use the term ‘flower bed in the loosest possible meaning as it was more of a natural wildlife area. There were some wild flowers and of course weeds but it didn’t really amount to much as the wild flower seeds that were sown last year ended up as bird food. The little blighters are some of the best fed birds in Cambridgeshire. Anyway, we de-weeded and added extra soil/compost mix and subdivided up the flower bed into a short section where we have planted French Beans, Onions, Corn and when the soil warms up a bit some iceberg lettuce.

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Sep 06, 2010

Raised Beds

by: Andrew

Thanks for the comments, very encouraging even though we had some crop failures. I guess it’s gardening fact of life.

One of our neighbours has even converted their front garden to veg production and even though we live on a modern development, it still looks great.

Sep 04, 2010

Good Work

by: Caroline

Nice work Andrew – that looks very neat and I love the wooden border. I hope you have lots of success with it.

Like the other commenter has said, you’ll soon find yourself converting more and more of the garden into space for food. My husband wants to dig up the front lawn (open to the world) to plant veg …

Jun 18, 2010


by: Anonymous

Crack on, you’ll soon find yourself converting more flower beds 🙂 Getting to eat what you grow is an addictive experience, I find I want more space more space more space! You’ve made a cracking start, happy gardening 🙂

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