New garden back to basics

New garden back to basics

by Rob Selby

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Today my last day off work before going back tomorrow and I got some ground works done, the base for the greenhouse down and the greenhouse up not glazed yet

I’m a self employed electrician who got the gardening bug a few years ago I made a great space and growing success in a house we lived in and were renting but the land lady wanted the house back and we had to find somewhere else to live. The new house had very little garden so nothing was done last summer.

We have since moved again to a much nicer house with a good sized garden and this year I’m going to make good use of it for growing foods for my family again

I watched a lot of the allotment videos last night in bed on my iPad and got the urge to get out in the garden again and do a little more. So the first 2 days of 2013 have been spent in the mud and great days they have been to.


Any cheap way of repairing greenhouse glass ?? I have a few sheets that are broken

Love the site and the videos Rick keep it up

Thanks again


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Apr 10, 2013


by: Rob

Thanks I will try that later

I will have more pics to post and the lawn grass is coming today. I have a 4 year old so he needs somewhere to play

Mar 12, 2013

No Pictures

by: Anonymous

You’ll probably have to re-size your pics…I had too for mine.

Jan 06, 2013

My pic

by: Rob

Did my picture not post ?

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