My so called “” Balcony Garden “”

My so called “” Balcony Garden “”

by Dr.Shashikant Ingleshwar

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(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Two tier garden

Two tier garden

Two tier garden

Homemade cocopeat

Turmeric plants

First crop

Working in farm, field was my passion & first love since my childhood.
Due to my profession, it was not fulfilled till I retired.
Now I am not wasting my time but investing in my childhood passion.
Though my flat is at third floor & my balcony size is 3 feet X 8 feet, space is not constraint for my gardening as I have opted for two tier gardening :0

Already I harvested crop of Turmeric, Ginger, Chilly and now I will try for potatoes, Tomatoes etc.

I use only compost made with kitchen waste & soil.

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