Hot Shot

Hot Shot

by Moon

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(Las Vegas NV)

First of all I want to thank the lovely people who suggestion homemade formulas and information regarding the eradication of ANTS from my humble garden.

I was at war. I did try homemade formulas and commercial bought insecticides some worked for several days, but they came back in gangs of millions, attacking from all sides I was beside myself.

One day I was looking for a WMD against ANTS at our local Home depot and a sweet lady from nowhere appeared next to me

And she asked if I was looking for something to get rid of ants, I said yes, but it had to be a WMD because I tried most everything and nothing worked for me. She handed me a container of “Hot Shot with Boric Acid” and she smiled and said this is a WMD

Well, let me tell you I covered about 30 firebases where ANTS were coming and going and then I sprinkled all around my garden that day about 3PM, I went back out there 3 hours later and they were still coming and going, but very slowly.

Now on the following morning there were a few hundred and by the end of that day there were only a few. Today is the 5th day and I don’t have any ANTS Hallelujah!!!

Thank you sweet Lady and “Hot Shot with Boric Acid”

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Sep 26, 2011

good one

by: Rosa

Happy to hear about you conquering your ant problem. I have an ant problem also outside the back door of my house, I have brick pavers and the ants are bringing up the sand throught the cracks. I keep sweeping the sand back into the cracks so the pavers don’t start collapsing. I have tried spraying which works for a few weeks then they are back. Now I am tring Baygon insect powder failing this Boric acid might be the way.
Thanks Rosa

Sep 24, 2011

Hello Anonymous

by: Moon

Hello Anonymous

Rick is correct.

“I think WMD = Weapon of Mass Destruction”

Hot Shot is working so far

Sep 24, 2011


by: Rick from CGFF

I think WMD = Weapon of Mass Destruction :o)


Sep 24, 2011


by: Anonymous

Glad you solved the problem! What does WMD stand for?

I have had in my small raised garden slices of potato, sprinkled rosemary oil, jar of vinegar and another jar with apple, sprayed with garlic and chile powder to get rid of ants and gnats or where they thrips of course I never waited long enough to see what worked. I think what worked in the end on the gnats was drying out the soil and not watering so often. So simple!

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