Herbalism guide – growing and using your own herbs

The hands-on herbalism guide begins!

Welcome to the main page of my herbalism guide.

One of the subjects I hope to be covering on the Container Gardening For Food website is that of Herbs and Herbalism – mainly because I’ve taken up herbalism as a hobby.

During future growing season, I intend to dedicate some of my small garden to growing herbs, and hope to be writing articles and making videos as I go. Anything I do will be recorded and published here, the plan being it will create a hopefully useful and entertaining guide to herbalism that anyone can get good information from.

I’ve already created a small apothecary in the utility room and have stocked up on dried herb ingredients to get me started, but during the year I hope to be growing my own herbs and foraging for them in order to replenish my stocks.

The following video is a basic introduction to my apothecary…



Actual Herbal Remedies & Plants

Calendula Ointment & Other Marigold Remedies
Let me introduce you to Calendula (better known as the Marigold). It’s a fantastic little plant, one of natures best healers, and it can be used for healing both inside and outside the body.


Be sure to check back here regularly for what I hope will unfold into a comprehensive and educational guide to herbalism – which, best of all, will be free!

More to come very soon …..



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