Show Off Your Garden Pictures Here!

Show Off Your Garden Pictures Here!

Been growing your own food? Caputured your own garden pictures?
Whether its a twig in a tub, or a full-blown Eden, here’s a chance to show off your gardening pictures to the rest of the world!

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My Repurposed Veggie Garden 
I have a deck that was attached to a pool. When the pool was removed it became a pond for about 8 years. We added a gazebo to the deck. The pond got filled …

Update hopefully with pics  
Started my garden at the very beginning of the year. I have a previous post on here

So with any luck my pics will upload

My Container Garden 
I had an above ground pool with a deck around one end and when the pool died the deck remained. Thus my garden began. I now grow in approximately 100 …

New garden back to basics 
Today my last day off work before going back tomorrow and I got some ground works done, the base for the greenhouse down and the greenhouse up not glazed …

Home made Hydroponic system 
Mr. Rick
your site is wonderful,Keep it up.congratulations.
This is Hydroponic NFT system installed in the basement.
So far it going fine, only I …

Hot Shot 
First of all I want to thank the lovely people who suggestion homemade formulas and information regarding the eradication of ANTS from my humble garden. …

My 106 Degree Garden 
My 106 degree picture

106 degrees  
Greeting to all

My name is Moon I live 70 miles S/W of Las Vegas Nevada

Started a raised garden earlier this year, I planted a small area with melons, …

Here we go part 2 
The amount of food we are growing is staggering.

New venture of growing vegies in containers. 
Hi guys,
I have posted some pics of my container garden. I am having trouble with posting these pics due to the size but I think I’ve got it now.
Everything …

Here we go 
We started converting our garden to a raised bed garden here are pictures of the transformation.

More Pix and a tip 
Hi Rick
A few pictures of my 6 x 6 greenhouse in the spring with hanging baskets for added warmth until they are ready to go out side.
Plus a row of …

Pictures of my garden 
Hi Rick
I found a few pictures from a couple of years ago, thought maybe you would like to see them.

1 Garden from the kitchen window
2 The boss sitting …

Container Gardening by Mick 
Found a few pictures from a couple of years ago, I thought you might like to have a look at – no veg though.

Container Gardening by Mick 
Hi Rick
I live in the UK in Stratford on Avon and have been growing veg in containers for a year or two now, sorry no pictures.
I have a small 6 x 6 …

My garden 
I started gardening around april 2010. I am a 14 year old boy.
I did the gardening,weeding,and watering myself here in Bulgaria I got a small harvest …

My Balcony Garden 
Hi Rick,
I just started watching your videos last night and I got hooked and watched all your gardening videos all night and this morning. I’m interested …

Runner Bean Arch; making the most of available space 
We created a runner bean arch in the strip between our house and the boundary fence.

There is a border about eighteen inches wide running along the …

This is a bad year :-/ 
This year seems to be a struggle, only my cucumber, lettuce and raddish are really thriving. I think the beetroot, runner beans, leeks and peas caught …

My 1st Green Pepper 
Several decades ago my wife and I transformed part of the backyard into a vegetable garden in Southern California and it was quite successful (sorry no …

Raised veg bed 
A few weeks ago we decided to convert part of the flower bed into an area suitable for veg growing. I use the term ‘flower bed in the loosest possible …

Grape Vines 
This is a picture I found in my collection – sorry can’t remember the details.

Got All The Vertical Structures in place – Ready to go! 
I’ve finally completed the vertical climbing frame ready for the plants. I’ve managed to add two nets per side to double up my potentail growing area. …

My garden is getting there! – Roll-on the summer! 
This is Rick, the guy who runs this website – Thought I’d make the first contribution to get the ball rolling.

As you can see, my garden is looking …

Just starting 
So I’m here and like with many others I have decided to make use of my under used back garden. I started on this just over a year ago so the pictures are …

Balcony Garden  
Last year I tried to grow a few tomatoes and cucumbers. I had no idea what I was doing. The crop was poor and pathetic. This year I started looking online …

My Upside-Down Climbers! 
After moving cross-country last summer (meaning no gardening for me… WAH!) I find myself rather broke and living in a tiny upper-floor apartment, with …

Autumn King Not rated yet
Grew these in compost in growbags and council recycling boxes on the patio.

My so called “” Balcony Garden “” Not rated yet
Working in farm, field was my passion & first love since my childhood.
Due to my profession, it was not fulfilled till I retired.
Now I am not wasting …

Update to My Repurposed Veggie Garden Not rated yet
Garden makeover in progress!

My little garden! Not rated yet
My first attempt at gardening! I never realized how much fun it would be!

Square foot gardening  Not rated yet
This was taken today December 24, 2011 (yes, Christmas Eve!!!) in Bentonville, Arkansas. I am having to cover the garden to protect it from frost, but …

Grape Harvest Not rated yet
We have a vine which has produced many crops of grapes for a number of years.
The problem is that they have always been very small and bitter.
So last …

I’ve Finally Taken The Leap… Not rated yet
I have a wonderful friend who is a true pioneer. She makes her own soap, bread, clothes, etc. Her next adventure will be purchasing a dairy cow and teaching …

Container vege gardening in Portland, OR- part 1? Not rated yet
I live in Portland, OR- and we have a nice cool, temperate climate that is excellent for vege gardening. Unfortunately, I live in the inner city, where …

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