Container Gardening For Food Blog

Container Gardening For Food Blog

This Container Gardening for Food blog is the ongoing log of my journey and challenge into growing my own food in a small urban patio garden.

It covers the latest page updates as well as my personal banter.

For more information about who I am, and what this site is all about, see my
About Me page.

May 31, 2015

Why have I got spindly seedlings?

Winter is approaching and growing winter greens are my favourite time of the year. I have butter-crunch lettuce seeds, Tatsoi, Kale and baby spinach seeds

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Apr 27, 2015

About Me, And Why I Chose to Make This Website…

This website is the ongoing story of how I am trying to grow my own food and become as self-sufficient as I can, with only my small urban patio garden to work with.

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Feb 02, 2015

Autumn King

Grew these in compost in growbags and council recycling boxes on the patio.

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Nov 30, 2014

My Vertical Hydroponic Growing Setup

My vertical hydroponic growing setup has enabled me to grow abundant food in a tiny space

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Nov 30, 2014

Urban Gardening – Edens of the City

Whether it’s a small apartment window, a roof, or an expanse of tarmac, urban gardening can transform any area into a full flourishing Eden

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Nov 30, 2014

Growing Lettuce is Quick and Simple

Growing lettuce can be a simple and rewarding task, with fast results and a tasty fresh crop. Lettuces grow well in cooler climates and are particularly well suited to the UK.

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Oct 08, 2014

growing potatoes

As a young girl of thirteen,I was quite interested in planting things. It made me happy when I was upset because it is great to see something grow with

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Sep 19, 2014

My so called “” Balcony Garden “”

Working in farm, field was my passion & first love since my childhood. Due to my profession, it was not fulfilled till I retired. Now I am not wasting

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Jun 15, 2014

What, NO Pesticides At All?

A common response on hearing that everything we grow is untouched by toxins or chemicals of any kind. ‘What, NO pesticides at all?’ No, none. I can

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Jun 02, 2014

My first (ever) tomatoes!

I’ve always had a fascination with gardening but was never enthused at the thought of the kind of work required for traditional gardening efforts. This

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Apr 27, 2014

My Repurposed Veggie Garden

I have a deck that was attached to a pool. When the pool was removed it became a pond for about 8 years. We added a gazebo to the deck. The pond got filled

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Feb 16, 2014

My little garden!

My first attempt at gardening! I never realized how much fun it would be!

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Jun 05, 2013

Update hopefully with pics

Started my garden at the very beginning of the year. I have a previous post on here So with any luck my pics will upload

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May 08, 2013

First Time with raised beds

I have constructed 2, 10′ by 3′ x 8* high raised beds for my first trials this year ( 2013 ) they have been placed on a lawned area so have sliced the

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Jan 18, 2013

My Container Garden

I had an above ground pool with a deck around one end and when the pool died the deck remained. Thus my garden began. I now grow in approximately 100

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