106 degrees

106 degrees

by Moon

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(Nevada USA)

Greeting to all

My name is Moon I live 70 miles S/W of Las Vegas Nevada

Started a raised garden earlier this year, I planted a small area with melons, roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, peppers, string beans, sweet corn, squash, just to see if it was possible and there was hope, even at 106 degree the only thing I have gotten so far is squash, two small melons, goodie amount of cherry tomatoes and good amount of roma tomatoes, some string beans, everything else died or never came up. I have thousands of small ants HELP!

Love all the gardens I have seen in “Garden Pictures” plan to pay attention and ask questions to you all. The only problem is too much HOT SUN, so I plan to figure out how to regulate direct sun light “Heat Wave!” to my garden. The other problem is the soil, although I bought and mixed bags of Compost, Fertilizer, Perlite, garden soil, and native soil mixed together, I don’t know if this is the correct mixture

Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you kindly.

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Feb 24, 2012

106 degrees

by: debra

106 DEGREES ….. HI MOON, i live in las vegas
I’m going to start a container food garden for the first time. I just have a small patio balcony.
What do you recommand me starting with ???? thanks

Aug 21, 2011

Thank you Elaine

by: Moon


Thank you. I tried many store bought ant repellents and they were good for a day or so, but they were back in droves!

I will try what you sent and hope they find another home somewhere else in the Sahara Desert, thanks again


Aug 21, 2011

Found this for ants

by: Elaine

Hi Moon (lovely name) I read you post and decided to try and find a DIY solution for ants so I can be prepared when it happens to me. I found these following methods.
Alternative Sprays and/or Powders
Mix 10% salt and some white pepper or Tabasco® sauce in water and spray to repel ants.
Blend one clove of garlic, one onion, one tablespoon of cayenne pepper and a quart of water. Steep mixture for one hour, strain, add a tablespoon of liquid soap and spray it for ant control.
Wash kitchen surfaces with vinegar or baking soda solution. Sprinkle baking soda, calcium chloride, bone meal, chili powder, talcum powder, Tide® soap, and/or powdered charcoal in and around suspected points of entry.
Pour a line of any of the following where ants are entering the building: baking soda, calcium chloride or Comet®, cinnamon, talcum or chili powder, bone meal, medicated body powder, food-grade DE, cream of tartar, red chili pepper, salt, Tide® soap, dried mint or sage, cucumber peelings, or simply draw a line of chalk.
I would like to hear how you fix the problem.

I just started SFG although attempted to grow some lettuce in the early summer they started off well germinating quickly but it was to hot for them and they stopped growing and withered. I will try and get more shade for crops like that and find other ways to keep them cool. I will be watering a few times a day I think.
Saw someone on or called FrugalDad that put a safety pin size hole into a plastic water bottle made a finger wide trough in the soil of his SFG and laid the filled bottle down the length of it (hole down) it slowly watered the plants all day. The downside is that plastic water bottles leach out their toxins eventually, especially in the heat. So if someone comes up with a green solution similar to that very inexpensive procedure would like to hear it.


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