Weather Modification Fact or Fiction?

by Bill

Once upon a time in a land not so far away a group of psychopaths hellbent on playing god sat around a table probably drinking the finest Port discussing how they could take control over all human life. They decided that the best way to do this would be to dumb down the human population to such a level that they would quite willingly ( unwittingly ) sign their lives and the lives of their children over into a life of servitude. However how can we force the fodder into giving up everything so we can rule over them? There are just far to many of them.

They thought for a long time a very long time they knew how societies work they knew how societies break down and more important they knew how easy it is to manipulate the gullible sheep and more important they had the power to manipulate everything.

They set about on their plan . Wars, Famine, Pollution, Social Engineering, Viral/biological testing from air and water ( without the people even knowing that they where being attacked. )

When they had reached there first objectives they then moved onto the lies attacking the young to attack the parents. There are far to many people for the resources to cope with, We have global warming oh we meant climate change and all you breathers are doing it with your in out actions of your lungs because your Carbon Dioxide is warming up the planet ( All lies of course ) We need to cool down the planet ( and cull the human population so it was easier to control )so they set out on a journey of covert spraying of the sky amongst many other things.... And when some people got suspicious the powers that be labeled them conspiracy theorist in order to hide the truth and to con the other people into thinking these other people where nutters.

This is an ongoing story it's not over by any means. But the author leaves you with this thought What do plants need to grow? how many times in the past few years have you looked into the clear blue sky and seen long trails spewing from the backs of planes? Not the small ones the disappear after a few minutes the condensation trails but the long lingering spreading out ones ( Chemical trails ) and then within an hour the sky is full of clouds bringing chemical laidened water dropping onto land and sea contaminating the water, or the sun is completely blocked out for the rest of the day. How many plants and veg need full sun to grow properly?. What better way to con the people into thinking that it is them doing it by just living and destroying the food source in order to force farmers into buying seeds genetically modified in order to grow in the contaminated soil which we then have to eat?

Is weather modification fact or fiction is it all a coincidence or a bigger part of a global agenda ( Agenda 21? )you decide.

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Sep 01, 2012
Thanks Rick
by: Bill

I totally agree with your statement re youtube and as it's just another media source so I tend to look at other links that are given to physically see what they are referring to.

Funny enough even as a child I remember telling people that things like war where just a way to cull human populations and transfer control that was before I ever had inclinations to look at politics geo and political engineering under the guise of Sociology.

I know what you mean about trying to wake people up to other possibilities it seems that when you attack someones core beliefs they go into meltdown. Most of what is going on is blatantly in our faces but people do go into denial I have no interest in debating the facts of what I pass out anymore as you spend so much time caught up in things that prevent you living your life. I only put these two posts up Weather mod and Agenda 21 based on your preparedness vids you obviously see the issues and so what better way to illicit some thought than to piggy back on that and if you where not happy to highlight this here you would have refused the post. LOL

I don't want the posts to change the momentum of what you are doing here with the site so will not post other topics relating to conspiracies.

Respect to you mate and I have enjoyed watching the vids by the way would love to see more stuff on juicing that's got me thinking lol. Im currently looking at how to use part of my garage to grow some food the wife wouldn't let me breed rabbits for the pot lol so I'm thinking a small quadraphonic setup. you got my email should you want to chat.

Cheers Bill

Sep 01, 2012
Been watching these conversations unfold with interest.
by: Rick from CGFF

Yes indeed there are a lot of conspiracies happening out there and a ton of stuff happening in the background to undermine Humanity and keep it in servitude – things that the intentionally dumbed-down masses will not see, and frankly don't want to see as they are far to comfortable in their own little paradigms. Neil Kramer refers to it as “Neophobia”. Where the individual has too much invested into their current paradigm to be able to handle dealing these other possibilities being presented – hence most will choose the path of denial. I gave up trying to wake others a long time ago because of the conflicts and marginalization they caused.

I do stress caution in the act of watching a few You Tube videos and calling it “research” however, as much of what I've seen on You Tube and on many websites too is sensationalised and extremely selective/biased about the information presented. Much of it is mixed in with heavy doses of assumption and speculation all designed to sway the audience towards thinking the same as its' author, and often the resulting cocktail is peddled as “fact”.

I find a healthy open minded approach without attachement or rejection of these ideas works well here

As for weather modification, no doubt in my mind it's definitely going on. Look up izzysmart on YouTube – she swears a lot but has some good observations about it.


Sep 01, 2012
Get a job
by: Anonymous

Thanks for that statement and to answer it I have two jobs my own home a wife and two grown daughters and a beautiful granddaughter. I also have the intelligence to research what I talk about and also listen and debate with others on their ideas even if they conflict with mine.
(I don't claim the ideas to be right either.)

Something I don't do is insult someone because their views differ from mine and I don't make assumptions that they don't work because I'm so pig lazy I don't want to actually research and check the validity of the information I see.
If people want to sit in front of a TV and watch the BBC British Bullshit Corporation and other propagandist brainwashing media channels then hey go for it.

And with that in mind hasn't Rick got videos up on Youtube geared towards preparedness? The preparedness psyche only comes from being aware of the ideas I mention. Rick do you think I'm crazy or just sourcing ideas out to generate some enlightened responses.

I don't lay in bed at night pondering these things ( Oh hang on that's right I don;t because I'm in work )

Thank you for your input however.

Cheers Bill

Sep 01, 2012
Hi Lyle
by: Bill

I would add that as part of agenda 21 my other blog the emphasis is on destroying age old farming and replacing it with GM foods which in turn takes our control out of what we put in our bodies.
I'm not a health food freak but I do insist that I make choices on what enters my body as much as I can in this crazy little world.
I see weather modification in one seance a good thing ( bring water to the desert and drought areas, but along the way it was sabotaged for a political agenda. The water and land is being contaminated the weather patterns are being altered affecting crops which will bring about a real food shortage. Then there are legislation's being passed that stop freedom to grow your own food ( America ) and I used the example of the cucumber scare in another message as a way to show how using one scare leads to laws being passed that do not support your abilities to grow your own food and to get the nutrients you need to live healthily.
So whilst it's great having sites like Ricks to gather useful information, without understanding and accepting that their are other factors at work geared to preventing us from being self sufficient and having a healthy diet then sites like this no matter how good they are will disappear.

Sep 01, 2012
climate change theorists ???
by: Lyle

Some people in agriculture are called farmers.
Many are really very stressed out by financial pressures that go far beyond planting crops and letting them grow.
Soil and water deterioration is very real to them.
So are vast erosive factors that wipe out crops not to mention new pestilence problems as some species that used to keep pest problems in a somewhat balanced check become extinct.
That and some of the newer trends in word usage.
Some folks not only want to control their crops but where and who their crops are sold to at what price, ... non-negotiable.
Lands once dedicated to agricultural land reserves and residential development forbidden being side-stepped by removing the land from agricultural into the manufacturing usage, ... then moving lands now zoned manufacturing into residential.
An old scam, ... repetitive failures yet suddenly in the last decade local farmlands are sprouting huge { thousands} of residential developments.
Acid Rain, ... or as most call it now Chemical Rain ???
One more accurately descriptive word in usage.
Me ??? I just want some simple idea's on growing a few plants myself for myself, ... that taste better without a thousand sourcing questions attached.

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