TBates New Gardener

by Twanda Bates
(Jonesboro, Georgia, USA)

I recently started a new patio/sunroom garden in my home with deep planters! I am excited! I planted cucumbers, cabbage, squash and onions(in a tray). I got help from the local nursery that I bought the seedlings from(I felt for my first time out, I need more resilient start!).

Only problem is....I didn't take into account the amount of sun that comes in to my sunroom!

These last few days have been overcast and I already get mild sun. Does anyone have suggestions for me? I'm using this space because my yard is full of pine trees and I also have many critters that will not let delicious plants thrive(they want to eat them too!).

Any advice would be welcome!

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Apr 19, 2012
Light in your Sunroom!
by: Glenn Roberts

G'day Twanda,
Ah! This is a very good question in deed. One that most of us don't consider before untaking such an exciting venture as container growing. If the weather turns bad, snowed in or wet for up to two weeks, or just a couple of days, the plants need extra light to maintain good health inside. I use a GROW LIGHT. I had one of those cheap reading lamps on a stand. I simply unscrewed the old light bulb and went to my local hardware store and purchased a FLORESENT GROW LAMP and screwed it in.
It supplies plenty of the important light my tomatoes need to survive until the sun kicks in.
There are plenty of varieties of grow lights available if you have the budget, but I thought I would recycle the old free standing reading light. It works well and I can place it and adjust it just as good as anything else I could buy. Hope this has been helpful.
Cheers for now and happy growing.
Regards, Glenn.

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